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*** ALL Information and Offers below are in EARLY alpha level testing and will likely have occasional glitches...

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Your Best Message Delivery System

We are preparing for alpha level testing and currently searching for small businesses wishing massive exposure on   Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn (soon) and also referenced on our site.   using our proprietary puzzle contest system.   We highly recommend the puzzle contest distribution network for savy marketers who understand the value of customers actually going to their website and searching.   Think of it like a scavenger hunt ON YOUR WEB SITE!   Not only those massive benefits, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!   As an enhanced primary or secondary sponsor you actually get to INPUT THE MESSAGE OUR CONTESTANTS SEARCH FOR!

We'll let that sink in for a minute! THINK OF IT, you get to burn in your company's meme, advertising message or what ever sentence or phrase you want (within limits) to EVERY contestant competing to win that specific puzzle.   If you understand a little about psychology, which we definitely don't, you could easily recognize the power of forcing contestants to memorize your input and the residule memories it plants into their subconsciousness.

Our proprietary system actually forces our consumers (competeing contestants [YOUR FUTURE CUSTOMERS]) to go to the primary and seconday sponsors' websites to search for clues.   The answers they are looking for to win that contest are at the primary and secondary sponsors' website location.   Our contestants are constantly reminded to support our sponsors.   Our clicks are FAR MORE VALUABLE than other clickds!

30% of all sponsors' spend will be used as prize money in the Super Leaderboard contest payout to attract more players.   Soon we will offer the opportunity to create a specific prize pool for your specific sponsored puzzles!

Primary sponsorships are where a phrase is obtained from the sponsors designated web page (main website, Facebook page, Tweet, blog, etc...) and incorporated into a puzzle.   A lead word and trail word from that sight are designated, forming all of the winning data for that contest.

Secondary sponsorship contests are created with a phrase gathered from the sponsors designated web page (main website, Facebook page, Tweet, blog, etc...) and made into a PhloatPhrase.   The PhloatPhrase is letters that are projected into the puzzle video corners forming the phrase as the video plays.   A lead word and trail word from that sight are designated, forming all of the winning data for that contest.   Due to the seemingly easier task of solving the PhloatPhrase than the puzzle, they have seemed to gain popularity.   Early observations indicate that the secondary sponsored contests may create more website views than the primary puzzle contests.   So in considering which to use keep in mind your goal.

On rare occasions, puzzle sponsor prices start at $1.00, but are usually incrementally increased into the future due to supply & demand forces.   If you need a puzzle contest designed for a specific time, make sure you shop extremely early (probably 4 - 5 weeks out), as puzzle sponsor slots fill without notice.   Sponsor puzzles last for a 3 day cycle.   Secondary Sponsorships last the length of the puzzle they are imposed onto.

In the future, as a sponsor you will also be able to further influence the number of contestants by creating an auxiliary contest.   Any sponsor for that specific puzzle contest, including banner & logo advertisers, can supplement the prize amount for that specific contest prior to the beginning of the contest.   We will implement a page on our site that gives real time prize amounts of upcoming and and current puzzle contests so that contestants will be informed of prizes that they could win.   To obtain the maximum amount of contestants we will be announcing the first place through the fifth place in real time with wildcard drawings added at the conclusion.

*** For your information, all sites which do not begin with https://play4pay.org are external and not owned by nor are they associated with Play 4 Pay.   They are beyond our direct control and are merely extending access to our puzzles as a courtesy.   Therefore we do not guarantee any external display or time tables to be accurate or displayed in a timely manner.   We will do our best to load the puzzle contests simultaneously (except for chosen preload) at a predetermined specific time, but could encounter unforeseen problems beyond our control.

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Everyone will greatly benefit by you as an advertiser / sponsor having a private account to log into in order to conduct all of your business with us. We really wish that all interested sponsors could be accommodated from day one, but sadly we have neither the staff nor the server capacity for this during the alpha level testing phase. We are gathering members and sponsors to be beta level testers at this time.   This will be by invitation only, which will be selected from this wait list.   If you have any superior qualities you would like considered to enhance your acceptance, especially desired sponsorship, please list them in the
supporting statement

*** Warning -- No Editing Available!

Ensure you have input all of your information, as once submitted it is permanent & can't be changed.

box below.   If / when you are selected, you will be invited to join us via email.   Thanks for your interest.


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