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*** ALL Information and Offers below are in EARLY alpha level testing and will likely have occasional glitches...

Puzzle Enlarged Below

This page is to enlarge the puzzles that we publish on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other sites for our contests.   Members can choose to be notified when cash contests begin. Join here.   Puzzle solutions published in the weekly ebook after the contest has expired.

🧩 Puzzle Contest Page: 💵 PuzzleContest
🧩 Puzzle Sponsor Page: Sponsor Destination Page

More info below.

We have been informed (many times) that the puzzle images in the videos are difficult to read, especially the fine print.   This page is our solution for now, but if any better ideas come to light in our suggestions, we will likely implement them rapidly, as we do not consider this one optimal.   A tip that comes to mind regarding this page is that if you right click the image and choose to view it in another tab, the new image in the new tab can be further enlarged to make the fine print even larger and easier to read.


We thrive on suggestions & comments

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