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Web Page Puzzleworthiness Tester

This is how our Level 1 puzzle builders will view the web page given to them.   All of the images are removed and only the text is displayed (in blue).   The reason for text only is that's all we use for the puzzle solutions.

At a minimum, there must be ten (10) words before the puzzle solution phrase or sentence(s) and ten (10) words after the solution.   All of the words must be sequential.   Any line of html less than 5 words is ignored.

More infoThe hyperlink that was input has been parsed by our system.   The blue text between the horizontal divides below is the exact way that our Level 1 puzzle & PhloatPhrase builders will see it.   They have been instructed to not use any text that appears to be a menu or hyperlink or image info.   Any line of html code less than 5 words has been ignored.

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