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To reset your password we will need to email you an access code for you to enter on the following page in order to procede to your pre-designated questions.   Once you have successfully answered the chosen question, you will be provided with the page to reset your password.   As we do not know your prior password, you will be able to choose any password that meets or exceeds the minimal criteria, including your previous password if desired.   Please ensure you put in your correct email address because any error will trigger a five (5) minute delay until a retry will be allowed.   We have created the delay to fight abuse of our system.

Request Email Verification Code

Occasionally email verification pages get deleted or lost.   If you get a message that your email address is already taken or used, you can reset your password through this system.

Some of our agents perfere not to purchase our link module leases, but still need an account to access their agent status and payout page.   This is where you would initially set up your account.


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