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We really wish that all interested contestants and players could be accommodated from day one, but sadly we have neither the staff nor the server capacity for this during the alpha level testing phase.   Feel free to solve all of the puzzles, as they don't require all of the resources that tracking and paying a winner does.   There will be some merchandise prizes available to all.   We are gathering members to be beta level testers at this time.   They will be participating in upcoming contests and also winning small prizes during the testing.   This will be by invitation only, which will be selected from this wait list.   If you have any superior qualities you would like considered to enhance your acceptance, please list them in the
supporting statement

*** Warning -- No Editing Available!

Ensure you have input all of your qualities, as once submitted it is permanent & can't be changed.

Please be advised that current members will be using a limited amount of invitations available to them, distributed according to their performance and that of their recruits.   They also may receive incentives of bonus points tied to the performance of the people they choose to recruit.

With the above in mind, it would behoove you to mention your fondness or skill level and persistence and speed of solving puzzles.   You should convince the members with invitations that it would be to their benefit to use their hard earned invitations on you because you probably would finish in a high rank quickly and bring them more bonus points.

box below.   If / when you are selected, you will be invited to join us via email.
Please whitelist play4play.org and thebest4you.org on your email service provider! Please be advised that it has come to our attention that google (gmail), and probably others, direct our emils to your spam folder.   Due to our alpha level testing, the effort to correct this deficiency will have a very low priority.   If you have a simple solution, please submit it in our suggestion form and we will place it on our "to do list", otherwise it will remain low in priority.
. Please respond within 72 hours of receiving your invitation, or your invite becomes invalid.

Thanks for your interest.



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