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About Us

We are in the exploratory phase of analyzing a new business model.   Puzzles are fascinating to us and we are under the impression that others may think the same.   As a boost to our experiment we'll add small cash prizes (if we are able pay you through PayPal in US Dollars).   We are trying to get a feeling for the popularity our idea and what we can generate by launching this alpha level experiment.

A few introductory disclosures for your information.   The Best 4 You, LLC is our parent company and we'll be using their shopify site along with a selected few others to experiment with.   If you like what you see there, buy it.   That will encourage our sponsors to increase their spend which will in turn make the prize payouts larger.   If you don't, no worries, the experiment will continue with or without your purchase, but additional income will help twofold.   First this site is run on private servers and any profit demonstrated to have been generated due to the puzzle experiment will be used to improve our serving equipment.   Second, any profit demonstrated as a result of the puzzles will help secure more advertising clients in the future.   What does that mean for you?   MORE income = BIGGER PRIZE PAYOUTS!!

If you would like to see more puzzles like this please support our sponsors.
The more our sponsors are supported the larger and more frequent the prizes will become!


We thrive on suggestions & comments

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