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About Us

What a thrilling journey it has been! Can you believe that we are here today, celebrating Play4Pay's first anniversary?   This incredible platform has been the heart and soul of puzzle enthusiasts around the globe for a whole year now.   As we reflect upon the past year, we can not help but feel a surge of pride.   But also, a sense of awe at what this community has achieved and the limitless potential it holds for the future!

Play4Pay is not just another online platform, it is a global community that creates, connects, and celebrates the magic of puzzles.   The excitement, the curiosity, the triumph of finding the missing piece - it is an experience that transcends the screen and touches lives.   It has been an extraordinary journey, marked by challenges, innovation, and pure joy.   Just like the individual pieces of a puzzle, each of us has played a vital role in shaping this beautiful picture that we see today.

Through Play4Pay, we have combined the joy of problem-solving with the thrill of reward.   Imagine that - an online puzzle manufacturer that turns every moment of game into a moment of potential gain.   Our unique model directs contestants to our sponsors' websites and then redirects a percentage of the sponsor fees back to our member contestants as prize money.   Our members have had fun, learned, and won, all at the same time.   How amazing is that?

In this digital age, when our lives are constantly influenced by algorithms, we have strived to retain the human touch.   The human mind is a treasure trove of creativity and intelligence, and puzzles are a testament to this.   They engage, challenge, and stimulate the mind like nothing else.   And it is not just about the puzzles; it is about the sense of community, camaraderie, and shared triumphs.   That is the real magic.

Our journey of a year has been like a puzzle, intricate, challenging, and immensely rewarding.   And like any good puzzle, the joy lies in the process of solving it, piece by piece, until you step back and look at the stunning picture you have created.   Similarly, we have embarked on this journey together, and step by step, we have built something spectacular.   We have celebrated each success, learned from every setback, and emerged stronger and more determined.

But let us not forget, the picture is not complete.   There are still countless pieces left to place, countless experiences to be had, and countless victories to be won.   And that is the beauty of it all - we are still in the process of creating our masterpiece!

We want to take a moment to thank all our sponsors who have supported us.   You have made the Play4Pay vision a reality and have played a critical role in our story.   To our members, each one of you is the heartbeat of this community.   Your enthusiasm, your passion, your spirit of never giving up - that is what makes Play4Pay what it is.

Today, as we mark this significant milestone, let us look forward to a future that is bright and bursting with possibilities.   Let us continue to embrace the unknown, challenge the status quo, and strive for greatness.   And above all, let us keep solving, keep connecting, and keep playing.

To the next chapter of Play4Pay, let us build it together -- one puzzle piece at a time!

Happy Anniversary Play4Pay!

We are in the exploratory phase of analyzing a new business model.   Puzzles are fascinating to us and we are under the impression that others may think the same.   As a boost to our experiment we will add small cash prizes (if we are able pay you through PayPal in US Dollars).   We are trying to get a feeling for the popularity our idea and what we can generate by launching this alpha level experiment.

A few disclosures for your information.   The Best 4 You, LLC is our parent company and we will be using their shopify site along with a selected few others to experiment with.   If you like what you see there, buy it.   That will encourage our sponsors to increase their spend which will in turn make the prize payouts larger.   If you do not, no worries, the experiment will continue with or without your purchase, but additional income will help twofold.   First this site is run on private servers and any profit demonstrated to have been generated due to the puzzle experiment will be used to improve our serving equipment.   Second, any profit demonstrated as a result of the puzzles will help secure more advertising clients in the future.   What does that mean for you? MORE income = BIGGER PRIZE PAYOUTS!!

If you would like to see more puzzles like this please support our sponsors.
The more our sponsors are supported the larger and more frequent the prizes will become!


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